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Archive for the ‘Portfolio’ Category

Mar 22
5 Minutes with Nate and Natty from Everlater
Posted by: George Mulhern

Late last year we invested in a start-up called Everlater, which is located in Boulder, Colorado.  Everlater has developed an innovative online travel journal that gives users a simple to use, rich media platform for capturing and sharing their travel experiences using text, maps, photos and video with easy sharing across social networking sites.  Nate Abbott […]

Feb 10
5 Minutes With Jerry Ropelato & Stan Bassett
Posted by: Mark Solon

Two years ago the folks at the Utah Fund of Funds introduced us to Jerry and Stan (CEO & President respectively) from TopTenReviews in Salt Lake City and were completely impressed with the amazing business they had built without raising any capital. They were looking to take the company to the next level and having […]

Jan 11
The Story Behind The DAZ3D - Gizmoz Merger
Posted by: Phil Reed

About 3 years ago, we made an investment in DAZ3D, a very interesting company that markets 3D creation software and content to digital artists, including a family of very high quality 3D avatars that quickly became a standard. The company’s founders, Chris Creek and Dan Farr had successfully bootstrapped DAZ to profitability and had built […]

Dec 07
Our Newest Investment: SendGrid
Posted by: Mark Solon

Early this summer, my partner George  and I walked into the bunker at TechStars in Boulder and met with Isaac Saldana, a young entrepreneur who, along with his small team of three, has been working feverishly on creating a solution to help companies get their important emails delivered. We were instantly impressed with Isaac and […]

Nov 05
Why We’re Excited About Our Investment In Everlater
Posted by: George Mulhern

We just made an investment in an exciting young Boulder, Colorado company called Everlater.   They have developed a web based travel journal that enables users and travel partners (e.g. tour operators) to easily record, share and discover travel experiences. Unlike blogs, Facebook or picture sharing sites, Everlater encapsulates everything you want to share about […]

Sep 22
Why We Invested in Alliance Health Networks
Posted by: Phil Reed

We recently invested in Alliance Health Networks based in Salt Lake City, an exciting company that is using the power of social networks to provide patients of chronic conditions the ability to support one another through an open discussion of patient experiences.  Their first network, Diabetic Connect, has over 50,000 diabetes patient that participate in […]

Jun 23
The “Heart” Of The Matter
Posted by: Mark Solon

This past December, I attended a dinner and sat next to a delightful young woman named Vanessa Cirillo. Vanessa had an incredible joie de vivre, a striking smile and she was wearing a beautiful evening dress with a plunging neckline (okay, I know this is a strange way to start a blog post but stick […]

Jun 22
Balihoo Gets Toasted
Posted by: Mark Solon

About 18 months ago, we invested in a Boise-based company called Balihoo which has developed an insanely slick web-based local marketing automation solution. Their platform allows local affiliates of national franchises the ability to customize and fulfill all of the franchise’s creative materials across all mediums including in-store collateral, direct mail, email, television, radio, online, […]

Jun 18
Simplicity - A Powerful Value Proposition
Posted by: George Mulhern

Every day I see, or read about, some new productivity tool that promises to make it easier to manage all of the information and/or complexity that seems to be growing exponentially in my life.   I don’t have a lot of extra time, so it is such a pleasant surprise when I find a new product […]