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Archive for the ‘M & A’ Category

Oct 05
Lost Amid The Hoopla
Posted by: Mark Solon

Yesterday it was announced that Federated Media has acquired Lijit, a Boulder-based company which we invested in earlier this year.   This transaction was a huge win for many constituents including the town of Boulder, Colorado & the Rocky Mountain region on so many levels. First & foremost, Founder & CEO Todd Vernon, COO Walter […]

Feb 05
Glenn Michael
Posted by: Mark Solon

One of the unique characteristics of Highway 12 Ventures is the very diverse backgrounds of our four partners. We’ve all had very different career paths that intersected here and we bring very different skill sets to the firm and the companies we work with. Glenn’s background is in finance and operations. He’s been the CFO […]

Jan 11
The Story Behind The DAZ3D - Gizmoz Merger
Posted by: Phil Reed

About 3 years ago, we made an investment in DAZ3D, a very interesting company that markets 3D creation software and content to digital artists, including a family of very high quality 3D avatars that quickly became a standard. The company’s founders, Chris Creek and Dan Farr had successfully bootstrapped DAZ to profitability and had built […]

May 19
Startups: Finding Opportunity in the Economic Downturn
Posted by: George Mulhern

A little while back I wrote a post called M&A Opportunities in the Economic Downturn.   It was based on information that I read in a paper published by McKinsey & Co.   The paper reviewed research that McKinsey had done regarding what actions/steps companies took during the downturn, that either enabled them to accelerate their growth […]

Apr 21
M&A opportunities in an economic downturn
Posted by: George Mulhern

I am fortunate to sit on the Advisory Board for McKinsey & Co.’s high tech practice. It is a wonderful learning opportunity -  getting  exposure to what they, and their clients, think is strategically important.   I only hope that my experiences at  HP, and now with Highway 12 Ventures, will enable me to contribute […]