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Archive for the ‘Intermountain West’ Category

Aug 08
Boulder, Colorado
Posted by: Mark Solon

Yesterday, I got back from spending a week in Boulder. While I was there, I visited with many of my colleagues in the venture business, met with quite a few exciting start-ups, and spent a good deal of time with the folks at TechStars, including attending Demo Days, their much ballyhooed culminating event at the […]

Jul 23
5 Minutes with Chris Onan
Posted by: Mark Solon

Here at Highway 12 Ventures, we’re in the somewhat unique position of having a singular focus of investing in the most promising high growth companies in the Intermountain West, an area that overlaps the footprint of the RMVCA (which is the subject of this post). If you’re not from around here, I wrote two posts […]

Jul 05
Utah Fund of Funds
Posted by: Glenn Michael

A few weeks ago, the Utah Fund of Funds had their annual meeting in Park City.  During the presentation, the Fund presented some very compelling statistics regarding the change they have been able to enact. Of the venture capital and private equity funds the Fund of Funds has invested in (total of $100M invested to […]

Jun 03
TechStars: Everything That’s Great About Startups
Posted by: Mark Solon

(And Why I Love Being An Early-Stage Venture Capitalist) Yesterday, my partner George Mulhern and I spent a very long and exhilarating day at Techstars in Boulder, CO meeting with ten raw start-up teams who have been selected to participate in this year’s rigorous TechStars bootcamp. For the next three months, this very lucky group […]

May 29
The Intermountain West (Part II)
Posted by: Mark Solon

A little while back, I wrote Part I, a tongue-in-cheek post on this region. People often ask me what I mean when I tell them that our firm’s investment focus is the area known as the “Intermountain West”. It was explained to me when I moved here 10 years ago that it is defined as […]

May 17
“Can’t Get A Shitty Meal Here”…
Posted by: Mark Solon

On Friday afternoon, my wife and I were driving through rural eastern Oregon on our way to Washington. We stopped in the small town of Pendleton (home of the Pendleton Roundup, one of the ten largest rodeos in the world) for the night for an incredible steak at Stetson’s and a few hours of shuteye. […]

Apr 12
The Intermountain West: Part I (with apolgies to Eddie Vedder)
Posted by: Mark Solon

People often ask me what I mean when I describe that our firm’s geographical investment focus is the area known as the “Intermountain West”. Well, it was explained to me when I moved here from Boston 10 years ago that it is defined as the area from the Rockies on the east to the Cascades […]