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Archive for the ‘Innovation’ Category

Jan 05
Portfolio News | December 2010
Posted by: Derek Keller

December was a great finish to the 2010 year for our portfolio comapnies. Click on the links to read the complete stories. DECEMBER 15, 2021 | PR NEWSIRE Attensity experiences record year as large enterprises adopt its full suite of customer experience software applications. DECEMBER 2, 2021 | PRWEB OpenView Venture Partners releases its latest […]

May 17
IdaVation - 2010
Posted by: Glenn Michael

It’s that time of year again - IdaVation is happening in Boise.  IdaVation, presented by Kickstand each year, is a wonderful day of learning about technology in Idaho and networking with folks in the industry.  The theme this year is “Fostering a Culture of Innovation.”  The event is Wednesday, May 26th and promises to be […]

May 06
Great Products Don’t Require Education
Posted by: George Mulhern

Brad Feld wrote a great post the other day titled “My Obsession With The Product”.   I would highly recommend it to all CEO’s and any aspiring entrepreneurs.   From my perspective, the gist of it was that to create real value for the customer and to build a successful business, you can’t be satisfied […]

Apr 15
A Hot Week For Boise Entrepreneurs!
Posted by: Mark Solon

Spring has sprung and the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up in Boise. Next week has turned into a terrific string of events for Treasure Valley entrepreneurs and startups. Here’s a rundown: 1) As I’ve shared in a previous post, on Wednesday 4/21 the founders of TechStars will be at the Watercooler to talk […]

Mar 10
Ten Years - Where Has The Time Gone?
Posted by: Mark Solon

It’s hard to believe that 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of moving to Idaho for my wife Pam and I, as well as the 10th anniversary of starting Highway 12 Ventures. Looking at our children though, it’s clear that time has indeed marched on. Our ten year-old son was only a couple of months old […]

Mar 02
Disruptive Technology is Shit
Posted by: George Mulhern

One of the most exciting things in business is to create or ride the wave of a disruptive technology or business. It is exhilarating, incredibly fast paced and has a growth rate that can create stretch marks bigger than delivering octuplets (I think,  I don’t actually have direct experience with carrying/delivering, or even doing breathing […]

Jan 21
Big Company Blues? It’s A Great Time To Make The Jump to A Start-Up
Posted by: Mark Solon

Imagine you’re a successful 10+ year veteran at HP, Micron, Oracle or some other behemoth technology company and one day John, a co-worker approaches you and says “ Hey Dave, Mary and I are meeting for a couple of beers tonight, we’ve got a great idea for a start-up, care to join us?” Would you […]

Jan 13
The Future Of Innovation In Idaho
Posted by: Mark Solon

(The following is an open letter to members of the Idaho Legislature) Dear Idaho Legislator, As the father of a 9 and 11 year old, “why?” “how come?” and “can you explain?” are very, very common questions in my house these days. Inquisitiveness… Where does this come from? I need look no further than my […]

Sep 29
5 Minutes With John O’Donnell
Posted by: Mark Solon

John O’Donnell is the founder and Executive Director of TechRanch, an absolutely terrific incubator in Bozeman, Montana whose purpose is to help tech entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster, more efficiently and with less investment capital than they could otherwise. TechRanch has developed expertise in bootstrapping, recruiting talent in rural markets, raising capital outside of the […]

Jun 18
Simplicity - A Powerful Value Proposition
Posted by: George Mulhern

Every day I see, or read about, some new productivity tool that promises to make it easier to manage all of the information and/or complexity that seems to be growing exponentially in my life.   I don’t have a lot of extra time, so it is such a pleasant surprise when I find a new product […]