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Archive for the ‘Idaho’ Category

May 17
IdaVation - 2010
Posted by: Glenn Michael

It’s that time of year again - IdaVation is happening in Boise.  IdaVation, presented by Kickstand each year, is a wonderful day of learning about technology in Idaho and networking with folks in the industry.  The theme this year is “Fostering a Culture of Innovation.”  The event is Wednesday, May 26th and promises to be […]

Mar 08
Leadership, Idaho and Breaking Down Barriers
Posted by: Glenn Michael

My wife Tina and I had the pleasure of honoring Sharon Allen, Chairman of the Board of Deloitte, as she received the Legacy of Leading award from her alma mater, the University of Idaho.  Sharon’s accolades are numerous and well deserved, but I wanted to touch on some highlights so more people can understand her remarkable […]

Jan 27
My Thoughts On The Idaho Technology Council
Posted by: Mark Solon

Last week, The Idaho Technology Council (ITC) held a press conference announcing the public launch of this very important organization. Judging by some of the comments I’ve seen on local media sites and some rash reaction from folks in the blogosphere, there’s clearly some misunderstanding about what the ITC is and what its mission is. […]

Jan 18
5 More Minutes with Eric Hansen
Posted by: Glenn Michael

Back in November, 2009, I posted a blog entitled “5 Minutes with Eric Hansen of August Ventures.” Well, another firm raised their hand and claimed the name, so instead of fighting about it, Eric did the smart thing and changed the name of the firm to Portas Ventures. The investment thesis and ideas are the […]

Jan 13
The Future Of Innovation In Idaho
Posted by: Mark Solon

(The following is an open letter to members of the Idaho Legislature) Dear Idaho Legislator, As the father of a 9 and 11 year old, “why?” “how come?” and “can you explain?” are very, very common questions in my house these days. Inquisitiveness… Where does this come from? I need look no further than my […]

Nov 09
5 Minutes with Eric Hansen of August Ventures
Posted by: Glenn Michael

We have a new venture capital firm in Boise - August Ventures and it’s run by Eric Hansen.  Eric and I met back in the early 1990’s at a semiconductor capital equipment company located in Boise called SCP Global Technologies.  I had the pleasure of working closely with Eric over 10+ years and respect his […]

Jun 01
TechLaunch and IdaVation Wrapup
Posted by: Glenn Michael

In Boise last week, we had two wonderful events:  TechLaunch business plan competition and Idavation. Phil Reed and I had the pleasure of participating as judges for TechLaunch and it is certainly refreshing to see the ideas and teams coming out of the universities and start-up community.  Congratulations to all on getting to this point. […]

May 04
Local Knowledge vs. Outside Perspective: Cage Match
Posted by: Glenn Michael

Last week, the Boise Chamber of Commerce hired a professional from Washington DC to be the new CEO for the Chamber.  I certainly wish this person the best, but believe his unfamiliarity with the people and business of the Treasure Valley will put him at a disadvantage for a period of time versus hiring a […]

Apr 14
Bill Joos Entrepreneur Bootcamp - Wrap Up
Posted by: Glenn Michael

As one attendee said, “Every entrepreneur in the Treasure Valley should be here.”  Bill Joos put on a great day for 120+ entrepreneurs, students and business managers at Boise State University’s Jordan Ballroom.  From the Top Ten Mistakes in Business Plans to Positioning to Perfecting Your Pitch, the attendees got real world advice and great […]

Apr 05
Idaho: Plant Innovation Seeds Now For Tomorrow’s Growth
Posted by: Mark Solon

As I was reading one of the Idaho Statesman’s recent articles about Micron’s latest round of layoffs, I was struck by the reaction of one of our legislators. This particular gentleman was quoted as saying “It’s a shock. I’ve been through three or four of these. You think you see things that show we’re hitting […]