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Our philosophy is simple

We invest in people, not companies. What kind of people? We place on bets on passionate people who have consistently achieved exceptional  things, both in their business and personal lives. We’re not afraid to back people who have been part of exceptional failures either, that’s part of the learning process. We look for people who don’t know the word “quit” and aren’t afraid to enter new territory and face unseen challenges. People who seek a different path, a better way, and who are entrepreneurs at heart. We seek creative management teams willing to put forth tremendous effort and driven by a common vision of building an important and lasting organization, teams that want to leave a legacy.

At the same time, we understand the nature of a start-ups, especially those in a developing region. We balance expectations with an understanding of the hectic nature of young companies, working as a partner and not as an overbearing manager. When we invest in a company, we view it as our role to support the CEO, not micro-manage your business. That’s your job. Our job is to reduce friction, not create it. We’ll provide supportive leadership, and we’ll offer valuable connections to a world far outside the region. It’s our goal to provide the critical funding your business requires and to serve as a trusted guide and resource for your growth. We’ll understand your business as thoroughly as if we worked there, enabling us to help you in any way possible.

"Our job is to reduce friction, not create it."