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Sep 07

VC’s Unplugged - October 4th

Posted by: Mark Solon        

On October 4th from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association will be hosting a terrific event in Boise called “VC’s Unplugged” in The Hoff Building’s Crystal Ballroom. The afternoon will include a panel of eight out-of-state venture capitalists from the Rocky Mountain region (including VC’s from CO, UT, AZ, MT, ID), great networking and a buffet lunch. The RMVCA recently started this series in conjunction with its board meetings and it’s been a terrific success. The event will be co-hosted by the Idaho Technology Council.

The notion of having regional VC’s in an “unplugged” setting is to remove all the constraints which exist at more traditional events. There will be no agenda. The audience is in control. The entire panel will be a Q & A with the VCs. I’ll be moderating and come prepared with some tough questions sure to spark some controversial answers but it’s really up to the audience. The rules are: there’s no rules. No topic is off-limits and no question too tough.

This is a great chance for local entrepreneurs to get to know the venture capitalists who are investing in our region. There’s no cost to attend but RSVP is required. You can register to attend here. I know Boise’s entrepreneurial community will really enjoy this. Please spread the word.


5 Responses to “VC’s Unplugged - October 4th”

  1. avatar Alex says:

    Thanks for the heads-up and we just registered for the event. Looking forward to meeting you and networking with the other VC’s.


  2. avatar Chet Motloch says:

    I would like to hand out copies of the Executive Summary from my business plan at the meeting on October 4. Is this OK and how many copies should I plan to bring?

    • avatar Mark Solon says:

      Unfortunately Chet, I don’t think this is appropriate. I think it’s wiser to meet the VC’s individually during the networking event and discuss with them whether they’re interested in learning more about your business.

  3. Jeff Huhn says:

    Hoping to go to heckle the moderator, but registration is closed. Can I crash the party?

  4. Scott Fischer says:

    Thanks to all the panelists who gave mostly candid responses to the questions and set the expectations of VC firms to those in the audience who are yet unaware of the VC process.

    I came away still convinced that ramping Treasure Valley startups relies on getting more leading edge technologists to think big, take risks and follow the dream! Is there enough communication with those who possess the knowledge to build new products that there is a community of like-minded supporters out to help? Hmmm.

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