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May 30

Boise State is Helping to Shape Tomorrow’s Leaders

Posted by: Mark Solon        

Imagine making a hiring choice between two equally knowledgeable and credentialed individuals; both of them having an MBA, both of them doing well in the interview process, but one of them had just completed a prestigious, year-long mentoring and development program (and you had received positive references from the CEOs who had been mentoring this person). Now, who would you choose?

Boise State University’s College of Business and Economics, under the guidance of David Spann, created just such a program last year – it is called Honors Track. Candidates must have completed a substantial amount of the BSU MBA program or have graduated in the last three years, have a high GPA, provide several business references, and be able to articulate a clear developmental purpose for applying.

Boise State University

If selected, each participant receives two hours a month with a highly respected corporate mentor, an executive coaching session, and a confidential, monthly peer forum. During the forum’s morning session one of the mentors shares their life story (with all the bumps, bruises and lessons they have accumulated) and because what’s said in the room stays in the room, topics can range from mergers and acquisitions to courtship and divorce – the conversation is driven by what interests each of the participants. In the afternoon, the attention shifts to the participants: they now take the “hotseat”, one at a time to share an issue they feel is challenging in their lives, the group listens attentively, asking clarifying questions to help their colleague make the best choices possible.

Through all of this experience, participants are continually asked: so, what do you want, what’s getting in your way, and what can you do differently-better to move towards those goals and outcomes. The intent is for each participant to discover the talents they can offer, develop a bold approach to life and take action that incorporates both.

Honors Track was launched in the Fall of 2010. The business leaders who served as mentors this year include: Kevin Learned, Bob Maynard, Tom Loutzenheiser, Raquel Guglielmetti, Rob McNutt, Brian Sahr, Cathy Light, Mike Mers, John Malinowski and Susan Olson.
For more information about Honors Track, COBE or Boise State University, please check them out on the web at, call the COBE Administrative offices at 208-426-1126 or send an email to [email protected].


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