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Apr 12

Why Should I Apply To BoomStartup?

Posted by: Derek Keller        

Ever heard of BoomStartup? It’s a mentorship-driven startup accelerator in Salt Lake City similar in structure to the renowned TechStars program of David Cohen and Brad Feld. In fact, BoomStartup recently became one of the first members of the newly formed TechStars Network (which essentially means if you’re accepted to BoomStartup, you can gain improved access to best practices from TechStars, professional development, networking opportunities, training and ongoing support… that’s a big deal).

In 2010 (when BoomStartup was founded) I had the opportunity to connect with each company throughout the summer. By the end of the program on Demo Day I was startled with the progress each respective company had made (similar to the pleasant surprise I felt at TechStars investor day in Boulder). How do these companies accomplish so much, in just a few summer months? It’s called mentorship-driven startup acceleration via programs like TechStars and BoomStartup.

This last week I again spent an afternoon with the BoomStartup team as they gear up for their second wave of entrepreneurs this summer. The program mentors are accomplished serial entrepreneurs, executives and VC/PE investors—making for a phenomenal opportunity to receive critical mentorship and avoid key mistakes to help turn your idea into a successful reality.

If you’ve started a new venture or are considering doing so in the Intermountain West, don’t miss this opportunity to significantly jumpstart your business by applying to BoomStartup (act quickly though, they are only accepting applications through April 18, 2022).


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