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Mar 02

GutCheck Steals the Show (and $1 million)

Posted by: George Mulhern        

A few months ago I posted a blog titled “5 minutes with Matt Warta, CEO of GutCheck“.  You can check that out, if you want to learn more about Matt and the vision for GutCheck.  At the time, Matt and the GutCheck team were busy gathering feedback on their beta, incorporating the changes into their application, finalizing a few key partnerships, and putting all of the pieces in place to launch the company. They decided to apply to DEMO 2011 - one of the premiere events for launching high tech start-ups. It is a highly sought after slot. Only 50 of the most interesting and innovative start-ups are chosen out of 100’s of applicants. It is a pretty big deal just to get in and be able to launch your company at the event. They did get in to the event, and they had a great launch yesterday.  Actually, they had an amazing launch. GutCheck was voted the winner of the People’s Choice Award for DEMO 2011.  GutCheck was voted the most exciting and innovative company to present at the conference and as a result, won $1 million worth of media buy.  Pretty cool because all of the attendees, presenting companies and press that attended the event were the folks who voted, not some panel of judges.  Winning, in and of itself,  was quite an honor for Matt and the GutCheck team.  Getting the $1 million check for advertising on the IDG network is pretty damn cool, too.  You can catch the awards ceremony here.

We couldn’t be more proud of, and excited for,  Matt and the GutCheck team.  They are creative, hardworking and passionate about building a hugely successful company that is providing an innovative and indispensable service for their customers.

Congrats to Matt, Carl, Jen, Adam, Adam K., Scott, Mike and Marshall!



One Response to “GutCheck Steals the Show (and $1 million)”

  1. avatar @LoganDWard says:

    I watched Gutcheck present at a Boulder/Denver New Tech meetup a few months back, and it was obvious they were on to something big. Just another example of smart entrepreneurs leveraging the web to change how things are traditionally done. Great to see them do so well at Demo!

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