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Jul 22

Introducing Our New Portfolio Company Careers Portal

Posted by: Derek Keller        

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new online portfolio company careers portal (

This is a value-add service managed by StartUpHire and is designed to accelerate our portfolio’s recruiting effectiveness by channeling talented individuals to our portfolio companies. Interestingly, the service has the ability to automatically pull existing and new postings from our portfolio company’s websites and display them on our website under the careers portal. Listings also automatically appear at, SimplyHired, LinkedIn and Indeed.

The service is easy to integrate and requires very minimal effort to maintain (not to mention, there is no cost to our fund or our portfolio companies). If you’re a venture group and looking for an effective solution to further augment recruiting efforts for your portfolio, check out StartUpHire.

About StartUpHire

StartUpHire is an initiative to recruit exceptional talent to venture capital backed companies. This free resource was created by investors and entrepreneurs in partnership with the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) who know that finding the right people quickly is both a challenge and top priority at venture stage companies. These are some of the most rewarding careers on the planet, but they historically have been difficult to identify. Our mission is to connect talented individuals to exciting career opportunities at venture backed companies and to accelerate the team building process for companies and their investors.


One Response to “Introducing Our New Portfolio Company Careers Portal”

  1. avatar @tacanderson says:

    What a cool way to help your portfolio companies and the local area. Kudos.

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