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Archive for May, 2010

May 24
Reflections On One Year Of Blogging
Posted by: Mark Solon

It’s been about a year since we started our blog and I’ve been reflecting on the experience lately. While not nearly as prolific as talented friends like Brad Feld or Mark Suster, since we began our blog at Highway 12 Ventures I’ve been lucky to feel inspired to add a couple of posts each week. […]

May 17
IdaVation - 2010
Posted by: Glenn Michael

It’s that time of year again - IdaVation is happening in Boise.  IdaVation, presented by Kickstand each year, is a wonderful day of learning about technology in Idaho and networking with folks in the industry.  The theme this year is “Fostering a Culture of Innovation.”  The event is Wednesday, May 26th and promises to be […]

May 06
Great Products Don’t Require Education
Posted by: George Mulhern

Brad Feld wrote a great post the other day titled “My Obsession With The Product”.   I would highly recommend it to all CEO’s and any aspiring entrepreneurs.   From my perspective, the gist of it was that to create real value for the customer and to build a successful business, you can’t be satisfied […]

May 05
Introducing Our New Associate: Derek Keller
Posted by: Mark Solon

Two years ago, I received an email from a young man named Derek Keller asking me about the possibility of interning at Highway 12 Ventures for the summer. He was a Boise native and was in the middle of working towards a finance degree at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He had also begun […]

May 04
Portfolio News | April 2010
Posted by: Derek Keller

This is the first installment of monthly portfolio news in blog format. Click on the links to read the whole story. MARCH 30, 2022 | TECHCRUNCH Goomzee secures $1.5 million in Series A funding with innovative mobile marketing platform for real estate professionals. APRIL 6, 2022 | STREETINSIDER.COM Global research leader Gartner recognizes Balihoo as […]