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Archive for April, 2010

Apr 15
A Hot Week For Boise Entrepreneurs!
Posted by: Mark Solon

Spring has sprung and the temperature isn’t the only thing heating up in Boise. Next week has turned into a terrific string of events for Treasure Valley entrepreneurs and startups. Here’s a rundown: 1) As I’ve shared in a previous post, on Wednesday 4/21 the founders of TechStars will be at the Watercooler to talk […]

Apr 14
In Defense Of Venture Capitalists
Posted by: Mark Solon

I came across a blog post by Ben Horowitz this morning, a tremendously successful silicon valley entrepreneur who very recently became a venture capitalist, partnering with another highly successful entrepreneur, Mark Andreessen to form Andreessen Horowitz. Now by all accounts, Ben’s a terrific guy who is passionate about building great businesses and I think it’s […]

Apr 13
Our Investment In Goomzee & A Lesson For First-Time Entrepreneurs
Posted by: Glenn Michael

Last week, there was a considerable amount of media attention regarding the announcement of our investment in Missoula, MT-based Goomzee. The company has developed a very elegant and innovative mobile marketing platform that helps real estate professionals connect with potential buyers. The platform has applications beyond the real estate market, including retail and auto. Even […]

Apr 08
The RMVCA, Leadership Observations & Opportunity in the Rocky Mountain Region
Posted by: Mark Solon

Yesterday I led my first Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association board meeting as the new chairman of the organization. I left the meeting excited about the momentum of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region and completely jazzed about the positive energy exhibited by a board that has undergone more than 50% turnover in the last […]

Apr 07
TechStars Visits Boise - April 21
Posted by: Mark Solon

Over the last few years, you’ve probably heard me talk about TechStars or read a post about them in this blog. If you have, it will come as no surprise to you that I believe TechStars is probably the most unique and innovative mentorship program to help foster and support startups that I’ve seen in […]

Apr 05
Our Investment In Cradlepoint
Posted by: Glenn Michael

Early in 2009, we made an investment in Boise-based Cradlepoint. For a variety of reasons, we’ve kept this below the radar until now. We are very excited to finally announce our investment in this fast-growing company. Cradlepoint designs and manufactures 3G/4G wireless broadband routers and is a leader in this emerging space. Cradlepoint boasts the […]