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Archive for March, 2010

Mar 22
5 Minutes with Nate and Natty from Everlater
Posted by: George Mulhern

Late last year we invested in a start-up called Everlater, which is located in Boulder, Colorado.  Everlater has developed an innovative online travel journal that gives users a simple to use, rich media platform for capturing and sharing their travel experiences using text, maps, photos and video with easy sharing across social networking sites.  Nate Abbott […]

Mar 10
Ten Years - Where Has The Time Gone?
Posted by: Mark Solon

It’s hard to believe that 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of moving to Idaho for my wife Pam and I, as well as the 10th anniversary of starting Highway 12 Ventures. Looking at our children though, it’s clear that time has indeed marched on. Our ten year-old son was only a couple of months old […]

Mar 08
Leadership, Idaho and Breaking Down Barriers
Posted by: Glenn Michael

My wife Tina and I had the pleasure of honoring Sharon Allen, Chairman of the Board of Deloitte, as she received the Legacy of Leading award from her alma mater, the University of Idaho.  Sharon’s accolades are numerous and well deserved, but I wanted to touch on some highlights so more people can understand her remarkable […]

Mar 04
Five Reasons To Support Startup Visa
Posted by: Jason Christensen

The Startup Visa movement showed a lot of momentum yesterday, actually trending into the top 5 on Twitter.  As an entrepreneur who is working on my own startup, I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of other entrepreneurs, and I am happy with the vast support in the entrepreneur community for the Startup Visa. […]

Mar 02
Disruptive Technology is Shit
Posted by: George Mulhern

One of the most exciting things in business is to create or ride the wave of a disruptive technology or business. It is exhilarating, incredibly fast paced and has a growth rate that can create stretch marks bigger than delivering octuplets (I think,  I don’t actually have direct experience with carrying/delivering, or even doing breathing […]