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Feb 05

Glenn Michael

Posted by: Mark Solon        

One of the unique characteristics of Highway 12 Ventures is the very diverse backgrounds of our four partners. We’ve all had very different career paths that intersected here and we bring very different skill sets to the firm and the companies we work with. Glenn’s background is in finance and operations. He’s been the CFO or COO of multiple companies, both big & small, some venture-backed and some not.
Glenn with Issac Saldana, CEO of SendGrid

Glenn with Issac Saldana, CEO of SendGrid in the Bunker at TechStars

One of the great values that Glenn brings all of our companies is working with the CEOs and CFOs of our portfolio conmpanies in creating an easy to compile and understand set of financial reporting tools. He’s also one of the most experienced M & A guys I know. He’s been through many transactions, both on the buying and selling side. When Glenn joined us as a partner in 2008, we were excited about his ability to work with all of our companies throughout our portfolio as they work through the myriad details involved with either contemplating or executing a merger or acquisition.

Folks who don’t know Glenn very well might be surprised to learn that our finance & ops guru is also one of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet. King of the one-liner, he’s got an acerbic wit that often leaves Phil, George & I in stitches. We’re incredibly lucky to have Glenn as part of our team.


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