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Archive for October, 2009

Oct 26
A Difficult Decision For First Time Founders
Posted by: Mark Solon

(Before we started this blog, I wrote a series of columns for the Idaho Statesman’s “starting up” series. I looked through my file this weekend and found a few that are probably worth sharing. Here’s the first) Let me ask you something: If your phone rang today and you discovered that your distant aunt Sadie […]

Oct 22
Why I’m Back On Facebook
Posted by: Mark Solon

Last year I begrudgingly shut down my Facebook account.  I was a little surprised and overwhelmed by how many people wanted to be my “friend.” I realize that as the founder of the only venture capital firm in Idaho, that clearly had more to do with the position than the person. I soon had a […]

Oct 15
Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down
Posted by: Mark Solon

And you can dream So dream out loud You know that your time is coming ’round So don’t let the bastards grind you down - U2, Acrobat After literally thousands of meetings with entrepreneurs in my career, one of the lessons I’ve learned is giving an entrepreneur a quick “no” is much more beneficial to […]

Oct 09
Legal Documentation For Venture Backed Seed Deals
Posted by: Mark Solon

Over the last couple of months, both entrepreneurs and some of my colleagues in the venture capital industry have filled the blogosphere by commenting that investments by VCs in seed stage companies require streamlined documentation and processes. They argue that spending weeks negotiating documents and tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills is inappropriate […]

Oct 05
5 Minutes With Aaron Turner
Posted by: Mark Solon

While there are plenty of high-profile start-ups in the region, there are a growing number of terrific new companies sprouting up off the beaten path as well. RFinity is one of those companies. Based in Idaho Falls near the Montana border, RFinity is setting out to make mobile payments completely secure. With a terrific funding […]