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Archive for September, 2009

Sep 29
5 Minutes With John O’Donnell
Posted by: Mark Solon

John O’Donnell is the founder and Executive Director of TechRanch, an absolutely terrific incubator in Bozeman, Montana whose purpose is to help tech entrepreneurs grow their businesses faster, more efficiently and with less investment capital than they could otherwise. TechRanch has developed expertise in bootstrapping, recruiting talent in rural markets, raising capital outside of the […]

Sep 22
Why We Invested in Alliance Health Networks
Posted by: Phil Reed

We recently invested in Alliance Health Networks based in Salt Lake City, an exciting company that is using the power of social networks to provide patients of chronic conditions the ability to support one another through an open discussion of patient experiences.  Their first network, Diabetic Connect, has over 50,000 diabetes patient that participate in […]

Sep 10
VCIR Fall ’09, Utah, 9/11 and why I believe in angels…
Posted by: Mark Solon

Sitting in my hotel room with a bit of a fuzzy head after I was over-served at VCIR’s traditional poker tournament last, I’ve been reflecting on what a terrific event it was. When we created the RMVCA two years ago, part of that vision was adding a Fall VCIR event that moves around the region […]

Sep 04
Posted by: Mark Solon

I know this blog is supposed to focus on entrepreneurism in the Intermountain West so I’ll do my best to make this post relevant, though I suspect I’ll fall short. Last night the #14 ranked Boise State Broncos hosted the #16 ranked PAC 10 Oregon Ducks. It was billed as the biggest home game in […]