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Archive for August, 2009

Aug 18
Why I took the job instead of doing a startup
Posted by: Tac Anderson

This is a guest post by Tac Anderson I have a pretty good track record for predicting what trends will take off. I also have a pretty good record for predicting which cool new digital technologies will do well on the Web. I am horrible at predicting my own future. A year ago if you […]

Aug 08
Boulder, Colorado
Posted by: Mark Solon

Yesterday, I got back from spending a week in Boulder. While I was there, I visited with many of my colleagues in the venture business, met with quite a few exciting start-ups, and spent a good deal of time with the folks at TechStars, including attending Demo Days, their much ballyhooed culminating event at the […]

Aug 06
“Opting In” To Advertising
Posted by: Mark Solon

Mike, a 25 year-old bond trader is walking back to his apartment after work. He’s had a tough day on the trading desk and needs a beer or two. The pub he’s about to walk by realizes that their perfect demographic is about to walk by. The pub pushes an ad out to Mike’s iPhone […]