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Jul 21

Moose Crossing?

Posted by: Mark Solon        

Feeling rather uninspired to come up with anything particularly compelling to share for the last couple of days, I’m turning to you, our subscribers to help me out. I received this picture from my partner Phil yesterday. He’s taking a (very well deserved) vacation in his native New England. I tried like hell to come up with a witty caption for this picture (something to do with start-ups) but alas I’ve come up empty. So in the spirit of the last page of the New Yorker magazine, I’m searching for the best caption to capture this moment and hang in Phil’s office upon his return. Leave your suggestion in the comment section below. Glenn, George and I will pick the winner. First place will get some fat Highway 12 swag and props on Twitter.


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49 Responses to “Moose Crossing?”

  1. Mike Gaul says:

    No matter how big you think you are…it can happen to you.
    Plan, Prepare, Execute, and Adjust to keep your 'Moose' safe.

  2. Mike Gaul says:

    When it comes to your business, don't be a Moose. Look both ways before crossing.

  3. Sure hope Web 3.0 has fewer crashes

  4. Gerry Langeler says:

    So, don't drink and drive a moose!

  5. David Bean says:

    One more reason to PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN and pilot your vehicle!

    • Mark Solon says:

      so serious David, we're looking for humor here!

      • David Bean says:

        Yah, sorry…wrote that just after driving into work and having to deal with some goofballs on he road.

        How 'bout: "We ain't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!"
        or: "It was right after we took this picture that our Honda Civic turned itself around and peeled out heading south with its engine screaming like a little girl."
        or: Motorcyclist says to himself: "you've *got* to be kidding me."

  6. Rick says:

    How about "don' t ignore the signs along the road" In a business context ignoring the "signs" along the journey to build a successful company may cause to miss an opportunity or a threat.

  7. Tim Merrick says:

    Highway 12: Where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the moose are freakin' HUGE!

  8. Mike Gaul says:

    Don't be a Moose

  9. reminds me of a classic book: "Antlers stuck in a tree" by Whogoosed Damoose

  10. Danger: Loose Moose


    Danger: Stuck Antlers Suck

  11. Moments after this photo was taken, Phil heard the unmistakable, gruesome sound of two moose colliding head-on at 50 mph. Phil then was heard to exclaim "Moose steaks for dinner honey!"

  12. Peter says:

    Sometimes, what's to the right of the decimal point really is relevant (of course, this isn't one of those times…)


  14. Tim Merrick says:

    After the next 3.0 miles, moose crashes only random.

  15. Dirk says:

    High availability Moose run and crash rate unless you upgrade Miles to version 3.0

  16. Pete Gombert says:

    How about this for a caption "Phil you are on vacation put on some fucking jeans and a t-shirt"

  17. winkjones says:

    another reason moose shouldn't be given driver's licenses. or the vote.

  18. Tim Merrick says:

    Phil Reed proudly reports for the first day at his new job as a moose crossing guard.

  19. Ken Wiley says:

    Cross the line, Moose wins

  20. Bill_Dempsey says:

    Just because many others crash, doesn't mean you should too.

    Or more positively said,

    Be in the minority, succeed at the road ahead.

  21. CarolSchultz says:

    Don't follow the herd.

  22. whitecalla says:

    Phil researches the viability of his "moose insurance" concept. Thus far, the angel investors are lukewarm to the idea.

  23. Dick Haney says:

    Who really knows what's ahead… you've chosen this road, so keep on goin', but keep yer eyes open.

  24. Michael O'Malley says:

    Lexus Nexus Alces?

  25. Jeni Dodd says:

    Loosie Moosie-don't Goosie your Caboosie

  26. Jeff Spain says:

    Since we don't have elephants in the Intermountain West… "Pay attention to the Moose in the room".

    I am surprised at how often VC-led boards in general avoid dealing with tough management issues head on. This could serve as a simple reminder hanging in your offices. :)

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