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Archive for July, 2009

Jul 29
My Irrational Technophobia
Posted by: Mark Solon

Given that a good deal of my life’s work consists of discovering cutting edge technologies that will make our lives more efficient, improve our health and make our planet a better place to live, I find it incredibly ironic that I have an irrational fear of the convergence of man and machine. Generally, I’m optimistic […]

Jul 23
5 Minutes with Chris Onan
Posted by: Mark Solon

Here at Highway 12 Ventures, we’re in the somewhat unique position of having a singular focus of investing in the most promising high growth companies in the Intermountain West, an area that overlaps the footprint of the RMVCA (which is the subject of this post). If you’re not from around here, I wrote two posts […]

Jul 21
Moose Crossing?
Posted by: Mark Solon

Feeling rather uninspired to come up with anything particularly compelling to share for the last couple of days, I’m turning to you, our subscribers to help me out. I received this picture from my partner Phil yesterday. He’s taking a (very well deserved) vacation in his native New England. I tried like hell to come […]

Jul 14
Posted by: Mark Solon

When I met my wife Pam in the early 90s, I wasn’t necessarily the most enlightened guy on the planet. As a matter of fact, it would be fair to say that I was more concerned with what was happening in my own little world than in the lives of others. I grew up in […]

Jul 10
Technology Going Downhill
Posted by: Phil Reed

Like many venture firms, we usually spend most Monday mornings in a partners meeting where we discuss a range of topics that pertain to our business – everything from how we can help the companies we’re invested in, new opportunities we’re looking at to macro trends and new technologies. However, before we dig into those […]

Jul 06
Leadership Observations
Posted by: George Mulhern

Earlier in the year, my partners and I had the opportunity to spend a few days at West Point, where we heard from some of the Army’s top experts on Leadership. My partner Mark wrote a great piece about it in a previous blog - In-Extremis-Leadership .  It was an incredible experience. There were a […]

Jul 05
Utah Fund of Funds
Posted by: Glenn Michael

A few weeks ago, the Utah Fund of Funds had their annual meeting in Park City.  During the presentation, the Fund presented some very compelling statistics regarding the change they have been able to enact. Of the venture capital and private equity funds the Fund of Funds has invested in (total of $100M invested to […]

Jul 02
Alone Time
Posted by: Mark Solon

It’s very early in the morning the day before the July 4th weekend and I’m heading out on my road bike for some “Alone Time”. I’m going to pedal up to the top of the Boise foothills to Bogus Basin, our local ski hill. It’s a fairly brutal climb: 16 miles of nothing but uphill […]