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Apr 22

Bruuuce and Entrepreneurs

Posted by: Glenn Michael        

Last week, my wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band play in LA.  I’m a big fan, but had not seen him for close to 18 years and my wife was a newbie when it came to The Boss in concert.  As we were driving back after the show with friends, I thought about what an amazing ride Bruce has managed for himself, and what if all of us, including entrepreneurs, could manage the same ride.

  • Do what you love and have a passion for
  • Do it with people you admire and respect, but who push you to your greatest potential
  • Do it for 40 years
  • Still be relevant after 40 years
  • Work you tail off every day and night and your customer will be more than satisfied, they’ll come back often

I think as entrepreneurs and managers, those points hold true (except maybe doing it for 40 years, unless the average exit moves that far to the right) and we could all be so lucky to have them in our careers.  As we meet with entrepreneurs every day at Highway 12, the passion, belief, team and work ethic are laid out before us and we are always humbled.  As entrepreneurs, keep doing what you do, do it the right way and do it with a great team.

Feel free to counter with your musician/band and the qualities that artist has in common with entrepreneurs.  It should make for interesting dialogue.  Thanks for letting me drone on about the Boss, but ever since working security at the Cotton Bowl in summer of 1985 (Born in the USA tour), I have been hooked.

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